Server start

Server start are canceled.

Server updates

The server will start on Sunday.
Level requirements will remain.
Some bosses will be changed.
New monsters will be added to level up, current mobs will be slightly weakened.
The selling price of drops of armor / shields will be refunded up to 50% -70%
Personal houses with 3 portals will be introduced, as well as Guild Castles with 4 portals.
A tower of portals will be introduced, portals will be paid.

Update (16.10.2021):
Server start moved to week ahead.
I'm sorry for the expectations.

Server up

Server again up.

Items drop rate

The chance of items dropping has been increased, the chance has been increased by 5% - 20%.
All keys now have a 50% drop chance.
Top items haven't touched yet.


Bosses weakened slightly:

Items change

In the character information section, the ability to install perks is available.


  • Lowered level requirements
  • Reduced the cost for perks setup
Announcement of upcoming changes

Perks, as planned, will start working tomorrow 24.09.2021 during the day.
Bosses with a drop of items for a warrior will be changed or items will be moved to other bosses, we are talking about items up to level 40-50.
I will try to launch the library in the same way on the 24-25th of September.

Have a nice game.


Fishing net price reduced to 250gp.
Guilds portals are closed in Karend.
Guild price increased to 300k gp.

About server

The server was planned to be temporary, but it will be easier for me to change this server than to come up with everything from the very beginning.
So the server is up and running.
All changes will be posted in the news.
Fishing works.
In the future, make the server more dynamic.
By the end of the week, I'll turn on the perks.

Temporary server start

Server will be started in monday at 14:00 (UK time)

New server

Good day,
Work has begun on a new server.
All items and monsters will be reworked.
Many maps will be borrowed from the old server, as well as new ones will be added.
Old maps will be changed.
Subject plans:

  • Items durability
  • Limited lifetime of some items
  • Various rewards for being active online (via the website)

A more dynamic world, that is, do not be surprised if after the reboot some bosses will be in other places.
Old news deleted.
There will be no fishing on the server, if I can solve the problem with it, then it will appear.