Checking for violations produces only guild 'GameMasters'

1. Prohibited use errors in the game/through the site to improve the parameters of the character or other benefits for the character (bug use).
2. Prohibited use of programs accelerating the process of the game (speed hack).
3. Prohibited use of programs performing the game process for You (Bot use).
4. Prohibited use of team bug for x4 exp.
5. Prohibited any mention, insulting of parents / other family members!
6. Prohibited of characters hacking.
7. Insulting other players in game or in forum.
8. Insulting / eternal expression of dissatisfaction with the Administration, as well as imposing on other players the opinion that the Administration in some way helps certain characters in the gameplay.
9. Creating characters with a name containing profanity, racist or obscene expressions.
10. Use a random set of characters as the name of your character, the name should be normally readable.
11. Intentional imitation of nicknames of the Administration and Game Masters of the game.
12. The threat of violence in real life.
13. Blocking a group of spell transitions from location to location. (Blocking bottlenecks within the same card, where there are no exits and entrances from teleporters / transitions is not prohibited).
14. It is forbidden to sell / buy characters, GP, game items for real money without the consent of the administration.

1,3,4, 9,10,11,12 rules: character delete.
2,5 rules:
ban 5 days
rule 6: Ban all chars.
rule 7: If insulting in game: Ban 2 days, if in forum: deactivating account 2 days.
rule 8: Ban 90 days, all characters with whom they intersect on ip will also be banned.
            So be careful when you write insults in private from under the cartoon..

rule 12: delete main character and all alts.
rule 13:
 ban all characters who block exit 2 days.
rule 14: ban 90 days.

Only 4 characters can enter from one IP, otherwise the error "Invalid account or password" will be generated.
The number of simultaneously attacking / casting spells on a character is limited to 2. - ban 5 days all characters in game if more.
A ban is given to all characters who were online at the time of the violation.
(I draw attention to the fact that if someone specially approaches, attacks and takes screenshots, he will be punished by deleting the character)

No warning before ban!


1. You agree that all information regarding your account is the property of the administration of the game.
2. You agree that we do not guarantee the correct operation of our software on your computer.
3. You agree that we accept no liability for failures or damage caused by our software on your computer.
4. You agree that we accept no responsibility for the security of your password. You yourself must take all precautions and prevent viruses, etc. from entering your computer.
5. We guarantee that all information received from you will not be distributed by the Administration.
6. You agree that the administration has the right at any time to change the rules, conditions and agreements at its discretion.
7. In case of violation of the chat rules by the cartoon, the punishment can be applied to the main characters.
8. Any game char can be deleted / banned by the decision of the Administration of the game!